A downloadable Adelph for Windows

Hello, I did a game with 2 others guys ( check below ).

You have to play on 2 screens / displays but on the same keyboard.

Adelph is a 3D cooperative puzzle game playable at 2 players. The players are in the same scene but don't see each other. They can interact with parts of the environment that the other player doesn't see. Morover the actions can have repercussions also for the other player. 

Player 1 : WASD to move and Q to interact

Player 2 : Arrows to move and L to interact.

To launch the game : use L or Q.

Install, unzip and launch "LUDUM DARE 44.exe".

ROUSSEL Quentin : FX / Voxel / Prog / GD

YGOUF Nathan : Chara Mode / Voxel

MILANA Quentin ( Curwe ) : Prog / GD

Tags3D, Casual, Local Co-Op, Ludum Dare 44, Unity
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer
LinksLudum Dare


Adelph_v1.zip 45 MB

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