A downloadable game for Windows

Pitch :

Use your sight, your touch and your hearing to know where your enemies are !

Rotate your character to block incoming enemies with your red shield.

There are 17 levels !

There are three types of enemies :

o Visual Enemy : you can see him coming

o Sound Enemy : you hear him spawn with your headset from the right or the left. No visual representation !

o Vibrator Enemy : if the vibrations from your gamepad are strong, the enemy is spawning from de left, if the vibrations are weak, the enemy is spawning from de rightNo visual representation !

It's not because you can't see an enemy that he does not exist. Rotate your character to block the incoming enemy comparing the spawning feedback you receive.

Controls :

You have to play with a gamepad and a headset.

o Left Joystcik :  left/right to rotate


Saving Senses.zip 32 MB

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